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Friday, 9 August 2013

Music to my ears

Dear all,
Today was fun but I still felt sad... My last real schoolday without my parents in the UK and without saying goodbye things... So sad. I am going to miss this place way to much...
I really don't feel like blogging today because today was just a normal day but I did enjoy it. Never mind, I'll blog.

The Russian guy bought a cake because it was his birthday, we just didn't feel like having cake... Woops! No-one likes him... Woops! In fact we are going for dinner tomorrow with the class but we didn't invite him because he is just annoying. I am really excited for tomorrow though. It's going to be so much fun! Dinner with my class, a drink with Fergal and Patrick after school. During morning class a drink with cake with Thea and the class, it is a stuffed day :p
Saturday I am actually going with Montse and Patrick into London which is great fun. I am looking forward to that aswell. Patrick is also joining me in the evening for dinner with my aunt, uncle and parents which is brilliant.
Anyway, went into Greenwich with Montse, Tamara and Patrick today to buy a card for Thea so today was good fun aswell.
In the evening we had a lovely dinner at home. After it we spent some time in the living just listening to music made by Purcell, just wonderfull music. I adored it, as well as just sitting and listening to music, it was a brilliant evening!