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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last minute birthdayparty

Dear all,
7am was early this morning... Sooo early... But it was nice though to cycle around in the countryside...on our way to work. Never mind the work part, it was just fine really. I love my job eventhough today was boring.
At work I had to put parsly into plastic boxes which is fun for about half an hour. After that, it is way to monotone and you just get bored unless you have funny people around you. Which I did but at some point everyone is feeling dull so all the fun's gone and all there is left is wining... But I get paid so it's worth it!
After work I came home to an empty house because mum and dad took my sister and her friend to Den Bosch for the day. I love being at home on my own, nice and quiet! I know that is bizarre as I an not quiet usually but being at home on your own feels good!

I had to go to the bakery to pick up a Dutch breadroll with sausage because my family is triying to let my sisters German friend taste as much as possible from the Netherlands. Today we had BOsche Bollen,from Den Bosch. I am not to keen on them for they have dark chocolate which I dislike.
After my trip to the bakery it was time for some math homework and the washing. First I found space for the clean clothes, then I did my homework. Evi called me while doing the washing saying she wanted to celebrate her birthday so I ended up in the cafe at 15:30. We had a lovely time with great Icecoffee and a piece of apple pie. When we finished that she really wanted to go to another cafe so we did! I had a lovely time with her and her other best friend.
After all of that I ended up back home for a nice meal and Bosche Bollen.
Now I am tired, so goodnight!

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