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Monday, 19 August 2013

It's been a while!

Dear all,

I haven't blogged for a while because I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this blog. I created this blog to keep my friends and family up-to-date while I was away for the summer. Now summer is over and tuesday is my first day back at work. My final year of secondary school starts Tuesday, so I have had one week after London to get used to my home again. I have to say, London was just too great, I miss it...

For some reason when you are at home life seems boring. You do a lot of things but you feel like it doesn't really matter enough to write about it. Everyone who knows me, knows what I usually do. I read, I go to school, I sit on the computer, I mess about, I watch tv-series or I work. Nothing too special or interesting. Then again, it is my life. I decided I like blogging so I might aswell go on with it. I will try to post stuff everyday if something interesting comes along, sometimes these posts might be boring, sometimes they might be very interesting. For me, it's a way of practising my English because being back in Holland I don't use my English as much as I want to.

Since I came back from the UK, I have had a week to settle back into my normal life. Back to my boring home town... Just kidding, it's not that bad... Monday I spent with my mum and sister. We went shopping and it was lovely to finally have some time with them. I didn't really miss them but once I got to see them again I realised I did miss them a little bit.

Tuesday I met up with my best friend, we had lunch at our favorite café in town. We had to sit outside as all the tables inside were being used. We had a brilliant time and chatted away. Although we spoke to eachother during my stay in England, we had not seen eachother for over 5 months. Which is long for us...

Wednesday I had to get back to work, so I did a long day but I really enjoyed myself so that was good. In the evening I went to see a movie with my other best friend whom I had missed too. We went to see a movie from a book we both loved when we were kids.

Thursday was another day at work, in the evening I was so tired I just passed out and didn't do anything in the evening.

Friday... Yeah that was fun. We had to collect our books for school so my best friend (the one from tuesday) and I went to school together and then hedded home. My mum was kind enough to pick up our books with the car so we didn't have to cycle around town with them. In Holland it is common that the school forces you to jacket your books, so does my school. It is the most anoying job in the world but when you do it together it is not as bad.
In the evening my friends mum and brothers came over for dinner. We had a lovely time with them!

Saturday was another day at work for me... The afternoon was basically just me being very lazy... :D Which is exactly what happened on the saturday.

Today is monday again, my final day before school starts again. Mum and I are just with the two of us as my sister went to her own place and my dad is on a business trip to Switserland. To end the holiday in a good way mum took me for lunch which was really awesome and fun. We don't often do stuff like that so to do it now was great! :D

Tomorrow is my first day back at school! I am sort of looking forward to starting my final year, it is supposed to be one of the best years...