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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lasange, heat and exhaustion

Dear all,

Every day I wake up and I feel so excited to be in London. It is almost silly how happy I feel. I really wish I could stay here longer. London and it's people is or London and isis's people are growing on me. I have one week and one day left and I already feel sad I have to leave them all.

Enough with the sadness for now! Let's be happy! :D For some reason, when you come in the school there are always people around me saying hi! I am known as the Dutch girl... Yes, I am the only Dutch girl at school and therefor I am forced to speak English wherever I am. But I am lucky when I go home. There I can practise my English as much as I want to and if I am feeling tired, I can speak dutch again.

This morning there were some Dutch people walking next to me. Tourists. They walked past the school and the man, (father I presume) said to his son( I presume) and wife (once again, I think she was his wife): "Look, this is where a lot of people go to study English!". My answer was "I can recomend it!". The man laughed and said: "I'll come with you!"And whished me good luck. This was all in Dutch of course. Funny how all of a sudden I was one of the students. I always were but you don't realise because you feel at home at isis.

Tonight we had a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant with my uncle's parents. They are lovely people and they are very lively. You can see they have been around for a long time but still. They asked me how my school was and before I could answer one of them said: "This js the grandparents talk, after this we can have a normal conversation!" I thought it was brilliant how well they understood what kids think when "old" people ask you about your school.

I had a lasange which was great and for desert I had a lemon mouse kind of thing with merengue. It was sooooo tasty!

It's very warm around here... I have my window open and I still feel the heat around me. It's like a sauna. :(
Patrick was saying today, it's like the temperature is constantly being played around with. And he is correct...
Sleep sleep for now!