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Monday, 26 August 2013

Blue Monday

Dear all,

Sunday I didn't blog because it is really not interesting to read about my sundays. I basically enjoy my bed, do homework and am lazy. It is really not worth reading that... Anyway, if I'd blog about that, no one would read my blog and that is most certainly not my intention. I am still trying to figure out how my blog can become more interesting for all of you out there. I am an active youtuber in the sense that I follow a lot of youtubers and watch their video's. Their video's are far more interesting than my blog is, but I guess they know what they are doing, which I clearly don't...
Anyway, today was monday and it really was one of those mondays... I woke up, enjoyed an extra hour in my bed while reading a book. I had the first period off so I didn't have to leave the house until a little bit after 9am. This means that I don't leave my bed before 8:20am, which means I have about 40 minutes to get ready. If needed I can be ready muck quicker, but I love to be lazy although I am still quick. To me, 5 extra minutes in bed to read or to just listen to the radio really make a difference. I have never needed much time to get ready, the first couple of years of secondary school I even used less than 30 minutes but then I would pack my bag the night before and prepare my bread the night before aswell. Now I do those things in the morning and leave the house later than I did when I was younger. In London I used more time to get ready because I would enjoy my breakfast at the table with my aunt and/or uncle, whereas at home in The Netherlands I am always on my own. My dad leaves early, my sister moved out a year ago and when she is here she doesn't get up as early as I do, and my mum is still in bed. So it is just me and my phone then! I have to be honest, it now sounds like I hate it, but actually I like it, as I can fuss around without people in my way or me being in their way. I am a real morning person so I have no problem with having the alarm set at 7am everyday except for sunday. For some reason I enjoy just being in my bed for ages before I have to leave it. I know, it's silly....

Just something in between, I have an obsession for music made by Ed Sheeran, and I am currently listening to Kiss Me. That song, I just adore it! It is so, special? I can't explain why I like it. I can never explain why I like music, I just do... The song I am listening to now, is Firefly. Listen to it, I wonder whether you agree with me about him being a magnificent musician and this song being special and gorgeous.

Back to today! My first class was English so I picked a day for my oral exam, which will be next week on Thursday! I am being silly again, but I am really looking forward to it... I love having a conversation so I should be fine!

Something exciting happened today! I had my first history lesson of the year with my favorite teacher. She is a Flemish lady and expects us to do our best and get close to perfection. It is hard to live up to her expectations but I always want to which makes me work really hard for history. Most of my classmates don't like her, where as my lovely neighbor and I really enjoy her way of teaching and the kind of human she is. My neighbor is actually Evi's best friend, we get along a swell although we don't consider each other best friends. To different I suppose. Then again, Evi and I are very different, but still very alike, so I don't know why we click so well.

Today was the last day my sisters friend is with us, they are leaving tomorrow together. I feel like my sister had a great friend and I enjoyed her company, but it is also nice to just be with mum and dad. I have gotten used to living like an only child and as much as I regret my sister moving out, I love it. I am a very energetic person and I apparently make a lot of noise(I know I do...) but a contradicting as it may sound, I love the quietness.

My other best friend, Christa, has started her first day on her new school. I had to think about her a lot today, I miss her like crazy when I am at school. She was, together with my friend Marisja, my lunchmate. I now lunch with Evi which is fun and I enjoy it but I do miss my other two best friends. They both graduated about three months ago and left me behind. We used to have the best time during lunch, buy each other lunch at the local supermarket, laugh, be serious, be crazy and help each other when we needed to be helped. They were also (just like Evi was) by my side if I needed them during the time in which I lost my uncle. I love them for being there, any time of any day. To me, that's a true friend. Holding you when you need it during lunch which is not the most charming pose, or teasing me to make me smile, lovely! I didn't think I would miss them that much, but I do...

Enough with the sentimental stuff! My friends and I will be just fine!  One day, this blog will be just fine as well and maybe it will really get noticed! That would be pretty awesome... But then I'd have to promote it, and I am not sure I want everyone to know I am blogging... So for now, it'll just be me and my blog for a while!

Thanks for visiting my blog!



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