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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Roller coasters, screaming kids, boats and wet pants...

Dear all,

Guess where I spent my Wednesday! In a Theme park!

I really really don't like theme parks, I don't like roller coasters, I HATE screaming kids, I don't like the sound of roller coasters, so today was a recipe for a disaster. Now the good thing is, it really wasn't that bad, I enjoyed myself, sort of. I found companion who didn't enjoy the theme park either so we would find stuff to do while our friends enjoyed roller coasters. It turned out to be not so bad actually. We had lunch in the boats which was fun, feeding the ducks and birds, and had a nice chat.
Oh and I did go into some of the attractions, I went in a water one, and I got soaking wet. It was not cool... But the attraction was nice!

It's funny, every time I write the word park, I keep thinking about me wanting to tell Patrick(you remember him from my London days) that you spell it like parc and than I read it somewhere in Greenwich and it really was spelled park. We would e-mail each other and ask each other whether we would go to the park the next day, which we always did, and I'd always spell parc and he'd always spell park. At some point I realized I was wrong, so I asked him why he never corrected me (we corrected each other all the time as we both wanted to improve our English), his answer was: "I just didn't notice..". Yeah, so I made that mistake today once again, and I didn't notice... It's bad... Good old times, I miss them.

Today's song is one I found today on youtube and It made me smile. It is an amazing video! By the way, I feel like I am constantly in a boat, rocking... It is so annoying! my world is moving but I am sitting still. Weird...
Right, back to the song! It's by Kina Grannis and it's called In your arms!


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