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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I'm a dog!

Dear all,

I made two tests, which wasn't a very good idea. But I guess you have to... That would be funny, if you could go to school and just tell them: "No I won't be taking those tests today!".
I woke up this morning and I knew I had to do very well on both my math and economics exam. I really wanted to do well, but these subject are my two least favorite subject and the ones I suck at most. It's not that bad, I just really need to work hard.
Math felt like a disaster but then again, it always does so it might be just fine. We'll see!
Economics however was not bad, definitely better than my math. It was just a weird exam, most of it was just talking about stuff and you barely had to use a calculator which is weird. Usually you get a lot of stuff which is almost math, now it felt just like taking a History exam, to much to write... It killed my arm.

When I got home, I talked to my sweet friends about what has been going on, and for some reason I wanted to ask them what animal they think they are most alike. Mar didn't have a clue, I said I was a cat. I think I am very "catlike" in the sense that I love being at home but I love it even more to be outside exploring. Plus I love cuddling. The best answer was Chris response to my cat story. She said: "I am a dog because I am lazy, I love to eat and I do not like mice in my mouth.". Well Chris, I think you just won that 'contest'. I love my friends, they can be so hilarious when I need them to be, just like they can be dead serious when that is the mood. I consider that to be a perfect friendship even though there are always things that don't go as smooth as it sounds right now.
Another one! I told her she would be in the blog today and she went: "Oh god!" So I wanted to type hahaha, but something went wrong so instead I typed: "Hohoho", to which her reaction was: "It's not Christmas yet!".

I spent my whole day studying poetry, which is just so boring.... I mean, not boring, but I don't like to over-analyse literature or poetry which is exactly what we are doing right now... Not cool! The this is, whenever I don't find something very interesting I am no longer motivated to study.. That is A BIG issue when you HAVE to study.. I did force myself to study, it just took longer than it should have taken. Thank god for Bon Iver, their music is really helpful.

Today's song!
Daughter- Young

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