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Monday, 28 October 2013

Trees and branches

Dear all,

I started my test week with an English essay, I went for a run in the storm and worked really hard on my maths.

So, my first test was not until half past 2 so I got to sleep in for a little bit, until 8 o'clock, but at seven o'clock I woke up and just couldn't sleep any more. So I waited until it was 8am and left my bed. I watched tv until it was 9 am while I enjoyed my breakfast. That was the happy part of today, because after that, STUDYING!!! started.

I studied all morning and all afternoon until it was time to go to school. There was a storm going on so my mom very kindly offered to drive me to school. I was very grateful for that, as most of my friends arrived in wet pants and leaking hear... Not a great thing when you are making important tests. (Mine went just fine by the way)

It was running day so I was really excited to go again but a little worried whether it was okay to go. But at half past 5 the whether was still windy but not that bad so I went. It was amazing. Leaves every where, in the dark, everything was just awesome! Autumn is my favorite season so I was super excited. Great day!

Came home, switched on some music and stumbled upon Bon Iver. I LOVE IT!!! SOOO COOOL! I really wanted to get an old fashioned radio again. I have wanted that for a while now, but that music for some reason makes me want it even more.

Today's song!
Bon Iver, Blindsided

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