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Thursday, 24 October 2013

I DID IT! (and some exciting news)

Dear all,

I went on my run, and I am proud that I did that. I am sticking to the schedule, which is going for a run 3 times a week with at least one day in between. So I did good! YAY!

The funny thing is, I have to walk 10 minutes and run 10 minutes, next week it'll be longer, but it just feels easy now, but you know it will get harder eventually, so you don't skip any training. I feel like I am working out but it doesn't exhaust me or anything. I just get sweaty and breath a little faster. I really hope next week will end up being harder so that it becomes more of a challenge for me. I enjoy it though. It's good fun!

I went to school today and tried to find my Dutch teacher because she gave my friend her mark for the oral exam about the books. Now she knows she doesn't need to redo it because she did really well, so I figured, I will get it too right? So I can make my decision? You can't retake the test normally, but because we both were examples we are allowed to. (I explained why all of that happened in this post) So I emailed my teacher but she didn't respond back yet so I am pretty bumped. I asked one of the other teachers form the Dutch department where my teacher was, and she went: "She is never in on Thursday!".... WOOOPS!

Something else really cool happened today! The dutch teacher who helps me with schoolstuff and the higly-intelligent stuff came up to me and offered me a position at a masterclass in Nijmegen together with one of my classmates who wants to study Dutch. The Masterclass is one day and it's about learning how to review books. There is actually a real writer coming, so I am super excited for that! We still need to figure out whether we both can go, but we do really want to, so that'll be great! I am excited!

Today's Song!
This is a Dutch musician, and this song, it is amazing. Mary, by Bertolf


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