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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Short day!

Dear all,

I had a really short day at school, literately had 1 hour, but I ended up going for two just so I could practice math a bit more.

I have been preparing for my examweek next week for the last couple of days. It is sort of weird to get back to making tests, as in the final year of secondary school you have no tests apart from some oral exam and a couple of idiom things. So basically there are four weeks every year where you have to work real hard because you have a lot of tests. In your final year they all count as part of your finals in may. So it's very important that you do good. I currently have a good list, as you also make some exams in the 4th and 5th year, I did quite well. Now I just need to keep those numbers up right? Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. I'll still try though!

I went to my singing class today and had a blast so that was good, but after that I really had to work on some of my homework again. I just stopped working, I got into it for a while but than my dad came home and I had to say hi, and the washing needed to be taken out of the machine so I sort of got out of it again. Need to do something about the "studying issue". I mean, I am really working, but there may or may not be more stuff that could be done.

That's all for today!

The Song!
Something not very well-known, something different, but Something I really like! Bear Puns singing California is waiting

Simone Smink 

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