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Friday, 11 October 2013


Dear all,

So finally my autumn holiday has started! And by started I mean: RAIN! It really in raining like crazy right now, but I find it kind of nice actually. I mean, I am at home, in my bedroom, just blogging with the sound of rain on the roof. Life's good!

So, I took my two tests I was supposed to take today. I started with my French which was just fine. I did make a couple of mistakes but they shouldn't be too bad nor will there be a lot. At least, that's what I hope.

The other test was the best one. I took the Dutch exam and actually enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, I was VERY nervous but it was fun. Talking about books is always fun in my opinion. And there is something else about having done this, I get to read whatever I want to read and not bother thinking about which language it is written in. I missed that actually. I will have to read some French and German soon I think, but that'll be just one or two books so I should be fine.
About that test, I came into the classroom and sat on Evi's table (remember I am not part of her class I just came in to be the example) and waited until it was time to start. That took about 10 minutes so I got even more nervous then I already was... Little did I know, the second we started and I had answered the first three or four questions, I felt all right and I was just excited. I know that is not the "normal" way of responding to an oral exam, but I do know that it's my way.

When I came home, my parents and sister wanted to go to Amazing Oriental which is a asian supermarket in the city we live close to. It's a really cool place to go, I had never been there, just in the city my sister lives. So I tagged along and enjoyed myself. We found an aloe vera drink which I had in London at the vietnamese pop-up shop. I loved it, so my mum said I could take a bottle! Thanks mum! Thanks for letting me have a little piece of London! :D

Sunday we'll try to go to the beach as it is my favorite season to go to the beach (autumn), so I am really excited! Let's all hope I get to go!

Today's song!
I went with something old and special!
Yesterday by the beatles! Need I say more? It's just a golden oldie, I love it!



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