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Saturday, 26 October 2013

I have a feeling I found it!

Dear all,

I went for a run, studied, had a lovely dinner and found a really awesome place to proceed my studies after secondary school.

I always wondered when I'd find a place that felt right in every aspect. Well, I think I know where that place is for me. I am talking about study places now, I know where I love to be when we talk about non-academic areas. I went to Middelburg today, to see the Roosevelt academy, which offers liberal arts and sciences. And I just loved it. I have known for a while now that I want to study at a university college as it gives me the freedom to give all my interests a change to exist. Well, I came to that point where I knew what to study just not where. I wanted to go to The Hague, to LUC, but I think there is a much better match with Middelburg. So that's going to be my first choice of study. Of course, both LUC The Hague and UCR(Middelburg) only accept 200 students a year so I won't just get accepted, I need to be good enough in order to get in. Let's hope I am!

My parents went out to see a movie and have dinner, so my sister and I were alone. Well, my sister had invited a friend to come for dinner. That friend used to be my mathtutor so we all get along really well. Three girls, talking about University, old classmates and a bunch of other stuff. I really enjoyed that!

Before the dinner I went on my run! I am still on track! I am proud of myself because usually after like two days I just give up on my schedule, but I have kept it for one week, should be able to do that for more weeks right? Plus, Once I can run 5 km again, I should just keep going three times a week! Improving my time!

Today's song!
The cup song! Anna Kendrick!


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