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Sunday, 20 October 2013

I've had the best day!

Dear all,

Today was awesome! It was soo coool!!! I have the best friends in the world, Oh and not to forget, the most amazing readers! In less than 80 posts, over 2023 people visited my blog. I am so proud of that! Thank you everyone!!

I had to work today, which was just fine except I was way to tired when I woke up. I still went, and it turned out to be kind of fun. After work is when the real awesomeness started!

Today Evi took me to the city and we went shopping. We decided we wanted to have lunch together and also dinner just to be sure we could spend a really long time together. Yes, even though Evi is my best friend, we don't have a lot of time where we don't work(we work at the same place) or are not at school. So whenever we do something not school/work related we never can say goodbye...
First we had lunch at Bagels & Beans, which is an amazing café where we usually go when we have lunch in the City. It sells the most amazing types of Bagels.... We went to Breda(The City) because Evi gave me a present on my birthday, something which means a lot to me, and she knows that. I got to shop for a photo frame to finally put my uncle's picture in my room. I didn't want something regular, and Eef understood, so it took a while to find something. Today I did, which was a coincidence as today would have been his birthday. I miss him a lot, but the picture will now give me something to look at when I feel like it. It is a beautiful frame, it's black, but on the sides there are rolled up pieces of magazines. It's awesome! That was part of my birthday present, as well as the lunch, she wanted to take me out to lunch, which was so sweet of her. Plus I've had the best time!
I did buy some stuff myself, a capo for my guitar which I NEEDED. I didn't need it that much, but there are so many songs that need a capo, I might as well have one right?
Last but not least, I bought a CD. From a guy who always plays music in the streets of Breda, and it's really my type of music. I adore it, plus I have a lot of respect for the ones who perform on the street, even though this guy seems to have it all together quite well, he has his own website, is travelling a lot...  His music is great, that's what matters right?

We didn't feel like having dinner, so we just bought a fancy sandwich and enjoyed that whilst sitting on a bench.. After that all shops were closed so we took of to IKEA, a gigantic shop where they sell products for the house. We had a milkshake and came back home. Okay, we ran through the rain to the bus stop, sat there for 20 minutes and than came home. Still, sitting at the bus stop was good fun, we were all alone, so we sang songs together. It was awesome!

Today's song is not going to be a song, it will be a website link. To the website from the guy I bought the CD from! Go check it out!


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