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Friday, 4 October 2013

It's a piece of pie!

Dear all,

Friday, literature day! 

My sister got me pie! Well, she made it herself, and she didn't really make it for me.. But I can pretend she did right? Look at it, it's delicious!!

I can tell you, it was really good! 

I have been working really hard on my oral literature exam Dutch the last couple of days, I wanted to finish two books and start to actually prepare every book I read because Wednesday I have my exam. It is a very important exam, plus literature is one of, if not my favorite, thing in the world. I actually believe that if I could study Literature in multiple languages I would do it. To me, that exam has to be perfect because it's important. I know I won't score a 10, they almost never give a 10 in this exam, but I really want at least a 9. There is also the fact that my teacher told me last year she really wanted to do the exam with me.. She repeated that today and although I really like the fact that she said that, it kind of makes me even more nervous. So the pressure is up on both sides! Which is good, because when I really think I HAVE to do good, I usually work my but off and get a good result. Tiny problem is, it's easier said than done in this case.

Today's song! 
I found this video of Beyonce singing Halo live a long time ago, and I realized back than that she is an amazing singer. I figured it was something worth sharing, so here it is! 


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