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Monday, 14 October 2013


Dear all,

It was another of those baking days again! This time I took Lorraine Pascale's recipe and made some lovely pumpkin and rosemary muffins! 

I started with cooking the fresh pumpkin after my sister was kind enough to chop them in to nice little dices for me. Meanwhile I cut some paper made for baking in little squares to put in the cupcake tray. That has to be the most annoying job in the world, because they keep coming flying back to you. Of course when you put the mix in the tins all turns out to be just fine, and it looks really nice but...
After adding all off the ingredients I had this weird looking bowl of thick doughy mixture. While letting it rest for about five minutes I enjoyed the smells my sisters pumpkin curry and naan bread produced, she was sharing the kitchen with me. Luckily it is big enough to do that. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the process because I made a mess, and so did my sister, it didn't look to nice.. But in the end, the curry tasted great and the muffins look good, so all ends well right? 
There they are, all ready and pretty on the tray. I have to say, it took ages before they were ready... But, at least they look good! I love the effect the paper gives to the muffins, it looks really cool! 

That's it for today, just some lovely muffins! At least, I hope they are lovely, I haven't tasted them... YET! 
Tomorrow my mom and I are going out for the day, we might go to the beach if the weather is good enough, if not, we will go to Dordrecht which is a lovely city in the Netherlands. My dad and sister get to stay home and work/study! :D 


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