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Sunday, 13 October 2013

It's that rain again...

Dear all,

Today had to become one of those popular posts in my blog, but it will never be a popular post as today was not so interesting.

The plan was to go to the beach, but there has been tremendous rain all day (and night) so there was no way we could have gone to the beach... Sad... But hey, at least mum promised me to try to go tuesday or otherwise saterday or sunday! That's a nice thing to look forward to!

Tomorrow I think I'll bake some pumpkin muffins, as I really want to make them plus there is A LOT of pumpkin in this house, and it's not here for Halloween because we don't really celebrate that in the Netherlands.

That's it for today guys!

The song, I only heard it once but it surprised me because it is in Spanish, and usually Boyce avenue songs are in English... I haven't got a clue what they are singing, kind of like when I was little, listening to English songs... It's called !corre!



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