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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Daddy-Daughter night!

Dear all,

I am lucky, today I got to have a daddy-Daughter night with my dad! We went to see a movie together. That wasn't the only thing I did today, but definitely the most exciting thing...

When I woke up this morning, I started to clean my room up a bit. It really needed a bit of cleaning, emptying the bins and putting away some peaces of clothing. If you read 50 random facts you'd know that I am kind of very messy, so you'll wonder why I would clean up all that mess. Well, my friend Martijn was coming over, to work on our end-of-year piece together. When Evi comes, I NEVER clean my room, she just has to deal with what I have laying around. She doesn't care, nor do I care. But when any other friend comes, I am not half as confident so I like to put stuff away and make my room  look nice and "tidy".
Martijn and I spent over four hours working on Free will and punishing, which is what our piece is about. It is an interesting project, but it's just very hard to do. So we have to really work on it.

This is where the daddy-daugther part starts, my dad wanted to see the film gravity, and he asked me wether i wanted to come.
I saw the trailer and decided i did, so we went to see it tonight. 
It was a good movie, but we've seen better ones. i just kept thinking, please matt; please come back... they tricked me when he came in stones dream... 
I had fun, it was nice to spend time with just my dad. 
I miss the days where he would join me to go to the hockey, just him and me. now 
I am way to busy and so is he, so this is really a special time



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