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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Prime Time Mommy DAY

Dear all,

I don't know about you guys, but I adore getting to do something with just my mum or just my dad. Today, my mum and I had one of those awesome mother-daughter days. I LOVED it!

Originally the plan was to go to the beach today, but the rain has been crazy the last couple of days so we ended up going to Dordrecht. Dordrecht is a sweet and cosy city about half an hour away from where we live. The weird thing about Dordrecht is the fact that is has all these old shops and antique shops and second-hand(!) bookshops. I have never been in a city or town where there are so many of those kind of shops. I always wonder why there are so many of these shops there... I mean, it fits perfectly with all the tiny streets and old Dutch looking houses, but I still find it weird. Why there and why not spread all over the Netherlands?

We first walked around for a little while and I bought four guitar picks which I really wanted to have so I can finally use them when I play. Yes guys, I have a guitar...
After walking around for a while the rain came pouring down so we went to a restaurant to have lunch. We went to "De witte Haan" which is a restaurant where people with a mental disability work. I think that they have to be the best waiters and chefs in the world because they are so caring and precise. They want to make everything perfect. It's great to see that they can work just like everyone else. Plus they are really good at what they do, some of the "normal" waiters you have in regular restaurants can totally learn from the way those people treat customers. They are awesome!

After the delicious lunch we walked around for a couple of hours, we saw a lot of shops but didn't really buy anything... However, I have been to Dordrecht before with Evi, and we had lunch in a restaurant and I just had the best time there, the food was delicious! I wanted to take my mum there for lunch but it was packed with old people.. :( So we came back at the end of our awesome day and had a brownie and some coffee there. Good way to end the day!

Lastly we also went to the supermarket to get some food for the next couple of days, and mum took me to the big supermarket I went with a couple of weeks ago. I think I blogged about that... So that was fun too!

Now I am exhausted and really want to sleep, so: "GOOD NIGHT!". Oh and mum, thanks for the awesome day! I really enjoyed that!


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