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Friday, 25 October 2013

Picture Perfect

Dear all,

Today I finally got my dad to hang my photoline up. Now All I need to do is print some of my favorite pictures after which I'll show you how it looks!

Another school day went by, nothing interesting happened. I recieved my mark for my literature exam and it was an 8. My teacher said, it won't be much higher. It's not the definite mark, it might change, I am not sure... It probably sounds silly, but I am not to happy about it... I mean I am, but I just wanted to do better, so to me, it feels like I didn't do well enough. Even though almost everyone thinks I am acting silly, I am not to pleased.... I won't retake the exam though, I told myself I'd only do that if I  had less than an 8 so I have to stick to that.

What else? A VERY important week is coming up, so I need to study really hard over the weekend and next week. I think I will not be able to post to much, but if I can, of course I will. I'll try to post as much as I can.
Tomorrow I am going to an open day which I am looking forward to, so that should be fun. My parents are coming with me which is nice. I like to discuss future possible studies with them.

Today's Song!
I heard this group for the first time saturday in a really cool record shop in Breda, and I fell in love with it. So, tindersticks, dying slowly!


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