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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Salad bowl

Dear all,

I've been going to school for almost a week now, and it's going way to fast. I am enjoying my time here. Lovely people with names I cannot remember. Everyone is so nice and helpfull, it feels like home. Yes, home, eventhough this is school. I guess it has something to do with the people being here because they want to. Isn't it an amazing thing to be here, meet people from totally diffenrent cultures and countries and still feel at home. It would never happen in secondary school...

 I have been excited about this trip for a long time, been very scared and nervous but it is really one of the most amazing things you can do. I get to visit Turkey, Switzerland, Korea, Ukrain, Kazachstan and so many more countries, trough the eyes of other who live there. It is really amazing. I want to be here for so so much longer!! It's like a salad bowl, it's one thing, but you can see the different types of salad in there.

Anyway, back to today! I've had a lovely time in class again. Talking to Patrick once again as we were partners again! I don't know what he thinks but I like to work with him. He is easy-going but, like I do, tends to think very deep and broad. Because of that, our conversations on the topics we get trown at us are very interesting. I suppose it would be with anyone, you'd get different points of view. Which is awesome!

We also did some writing, in pairs which we had to finish at home, together with some exercises which were supposed to help you combine sentences to make your essay more interesting and at a higher level!
The skills training involved anagrams and speaking. Oh! And photo's to be taken. Some people are leaving after friday so we took a picture. I fell in love with the school and its students! This is going to be one of the best summers ever! Yay!! The picture is with some of the girls from skills training! They're really lovely people!

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow, I really want to go to the (book)shops and back to the parc, so I might do that if one of my classmates wants to come along!