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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Blogging I shall, my lord

Dear all,
It's lite, I want to fall asleep and wake up late in the day. See the sun shine upon my face, but no such thing my friends. Tomorrow I shall wake at the crack of dawn, take a shower and leave my humble house..
I can hear you thinking, has she gone mad? Well, I always am a bit scrazy but today has a reason. I went to Shakespeare's Globe. A midsummer night's dream, brilliant play, and so funny. We stood in what's called the yard and it took 3 hours. It was amazing. My uncle queued in order ti get returned tickets. Unfortunatly we only got two tickets so only my uncle and I went in. I had an amazing time, although I am exhausted right now. The theater is gorgeous, it makes you feel like you've gone back in time. Apart from some lights everything was, including the costumes, like it would have been when Shakespeare was still alive. Brilliant! I adored it.

School was fun, a new guy came in our morningclass. He is from Russia and his name is very hard to pronounce so we can call him Tom... Why bother trying if you can be Tom right? It was bizar, he said, this is not my real name but call me Tom. Sure...

Patrick and I wanted to go to the parc again but it rained all day so we went to a café. Arriving there we saw it was so crouded we couldn't even sit. So we went to the supermarket and bought some.bread! We had lunch in one of the social rooms in the school. I got to sit on a couchthing while he sat next to me on the windowceiling. Sweet kid. (He is 18, so I am the kid...)

During the skills we played Scrabble! I can't play scrabble in Dutch at all, so in English it could have been disaster but my teammates were good. Although we did have the worst letters in the world... Our first ones were: S S S E E E I. Try and form a word (apart from see(s)). It is very tough...

Anyway, that's it! Tomorrow I might go into London again, that is, if Patrick wants to go to one of the other parcs tomorrow. We'll see. Maybe I'll go somewhere on my own... Maybe one of my other classmates will want to come along!

For now my lord, I shall sleep and hopefully have a midsummernight's dream! ;)


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