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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lazy daisy

Dear all,

Spending a day doing next to nothing can be fun. I used to love spending days on the campsite, just enjoying the day. Now I want to see stuff and explore the places I'm at. But today we stayed at the campsite! I am not the only one on vacation so we decide together! The day was another hot day, so the shade was my friend once again! Well, the shade is always my friend... Today's blog won't be very interesting, just me thinking "out loud" while I tell you about today.

So first I read, i finished my book! It was sooo good, I don't really want to start the next book because the last one was so great! I told you about the book two days ago I think. I will start the next book soon though, I've been wanting to read it for ages so hopefully it won't let me down... That's the thing, you want to read a book for ages, so you make up a picture in your mind of what it'll be like. When you start reading it, it's never what you expected it to be. So I tried not to make any pictures up in my mind.
So before I finished the last four pages of the book, I decided to go for a swim with my mum. Yay! :D Usually my parents are not the swimming kind of people, but today my mum suggested it and I loved it! If the chance comes along, you should grab it right? So we did some swimming for a bit and after that I finished the few pages left. I loved the ending, it made me smile. So if you are into books which have a little more to them(not just boy meats girl stuff), you should try Godenslaap by Erwin Mortier. I think it is only published in Dutch, sadly.

After finishing the book I took my phone out and starting looking for blogs online. I wanted to see what others did. I spent basically my whole day doing that. And an hour or two watching video's made by my favorite youtubers. Yes people, I love to watch people on youtube, showing me their lives. No Dutchies though, I know enough about living in Holland.

I just realised, I also did some washing with my mum and painted my nails... And of course I spent time watching all the birds around here. This morning there was a cute little bird, don't ask me what it was. I suck at birdbreeds.... My friend Evi can confirm that :S. I love this about camping, the animals living right next to you. It's also one of the dowsides of camping. The spiders, bugs, wasps and so on. There is a squirell in the tree right in front of the camping spot, such a cute animal. It amazes me how it can jump between all the trees, it never fails!

I love this song which just started on my spotify playlist! It is river flows in you by Yiruma. It's sooo good! I love piano's and classical music, so this is a brilliant combo.
I do also like "normal" stuff, don't worry! Classical music is just one of the things I like. :D
Well, that's it for today! Sorry for the messy bits in this blog. Today was not very "blog-worthy" (someone will tell me how to spell that word, I hope) day. But I promised to keep everyone up-to-date on my adventures, so even today deserved a blog :D


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