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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pop-up Sherlock holmes!

Dear all,

There is a cat in my bed; mini, and I'm petting here. Sweet cat!
I am typing with one hand which is hard and also so slow! But the cat...
Anyway, today I went to school. Tom was my teachter today as Thea, the teacher I usually have, was on a trip. Tom was nice though

Patrick and I went to the parc for lunch! Yay! So much fun! We also went,.together with our skillsclass to the pub which was great! After the pub with the class, Patrick and I went to another pub with our friends from the morning class. Had a great time, and after that the two of us went looking for sherlock holmes.books. For him, not for me...
I bought a book by John Green! Awesome!

*Cat has left*

After doing all of that, I went home and watched my aunt work in the garden. I hover around her and help her if needed. We then decided we were going to have vietnamese! Never had it before, but it's soo good!! (picture) There is a so-called pop-up shop very close to where I am. A pop-up shop is a like restraunt which is not commonly there. Usually there is a cafe, but in weekends, the shop in transformed into a vietnamese restraunt. That's what this one is. And it it sooo goood!
We went for a walk afterwards later on we went for a walk! We wanted to have Icecream.but oir favorite one was.closed... So we went to the supermarket and had some ice. Went home, enjoyed it and now I am in my bed. Exhausted.
I want to stay longer, it's sooo sooo cool!!!