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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

English bats and difficult names

Dear all,

I have survived! My first day, summerschool! It was sooo cool! It felt bizar to be in London, Greenwich to be exact, and go to school. But it was so awesome.

So as I told you this morning I started my day with a tour of Greenwich.

Let's start with telling you about the morning at my temorary home! I woke up, had absoluty no clue where I was, and felt weird. But soon that feeling faded and I enjoyed my book for an hour(it was 7am and I didn't need to leave untill 5 to 9am). When I left my bed and got dressed, I had a lovely breakfast at the table in the kitchen with my aunt and uncle. I looooveeee breakfast at the table. At home it's just me most of the time. I then was ready to leave and my aunt took me to school! Greaaat! Felt special. I still wasn't nervous though.

At the reception they gave a clipboard with a paper I had to fill in(together with aprox. 30 other people) and then wait for my group to be called. That didn't happen untill 10:10am. That's when I wrote my blog this morning and also met a nice 22 years old girl from Kazachstan.
After the tour trough Greenwich(fun but I had seen 98% of it so I won't talk about it). If you want to see Greenwich, go for it. It's worth a visit!
So I took my placement test, and I already know I have been placed in what seems to be the highest level for the skills(speaking and reading). Awesomeee, but it felt very easy.

I'm going to fast again...Back to the test. It was an online test, you had to fill in gaps and also listen to confersations. A part of the test was talking to the teacher. Went well!

After all this it was 12:15 and I was hungry, but I first had induction. A fun talk given by the DOS (director of studies) and a tour of the school(it's not that big but it's nice to know where everything is. It does have 21 classrooms, 4 computerrooms and 2 social rooms (and a bunch of offices). Nice school!

During Induction I met two Turkish girls. They were both 19 and from Istanbul. Lovely girls, very kind. We had our lunch together. Well lunch... We went to the supermarket, bought sandwiches and talked in the shade. Lovely! We then hedded back to school and found our classrooms.

I didn't have class with them, well the skills one. It's just one hour of talking and some reading with about 13 people. Really nice! My teacher in that class is "Irish, crazy and married to a Japanese lady. Oh and he is the best teacher in this room. His name is furgal."That's what my classmate told me. I am surprised by the kind people. The people in that group have had more classes together, and they seemed close but they were so kind and friendly. A (once again) Turkish girl came to me in the classroom, introtuced herself and we had a lovely chat.

The lesson was great, easy but great. I had to introduce myself and the teacher went: "it's like speaking to an English lady!! Brilliant! Why are you here, all the dutch speak English!!" Hilarious comment! Fergal is nice, but he also likes himself a bit to much. Anyway, I'll get used to it soon enough.

After that one lesson, my day was done and I got to go home. Yeaah! Nope, I went with the turkish girls I talked about to Greenwich market. Had a good time, although it's way to hot... So I went home after 1,5 hour and exchanged phone numbers :D. Yessss, I am meating new people, with different cultures, soo awesommeeeee!!

But anyway, today was awesome! It ended bizar though. After having dinner with my aunt (ice cream has been finished...) I went to bed, and opened the bathroomdoor. But there was a BAT in the bathroom... Wooow. Scarryy. After leaving it alone for a while, it left the bathroom and my aunt and I were happy we didn't have to help it.

So, that's all for now! (there is much more stuff I can talk about but I won't as this blog will be way to long.



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