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Friday, 19 July 2013

Fresh gardens

Dear all,

When you end up being lazy because of the on going heat, you have to push yourself to do something fun. And that is exactly what we did today! Hopefully it will cool down a bit soon because I am done with it. I know, I shouldn't whine about it, but come on. We all know I hate warm weather, so when I say I love England, I mean England AND its weather. Okay, not always, but most of the time.

My playlist loves the Snow Patrol music on it.. It keeps playing Snow Patrol! Dear playlist, there are other songs to choose from... Please pick something else too! Sincerely, Simone

Wauw! It worked! I am now listening to Yuna! She is really cool! I think I read somewhere she is from Malaysia. Awesome artist. She has this dreamy kind of music. And that is the kind of music I adore.

Right, today. Well, first we sat around for a bit. Had a lovely breakfast outside, did the dishes. Slowly we woke up. We sat for a while in the shade( the sun is still way to hot to be in). Basically what happened is, we took our National Trust guide and started looking for something. Well, the Ipad came and told us where we were and the National Trust app told us what was nearby. Anyway, we came across the West Green House Garden. So we went there, and had an amazing time! It was cool out in the Gardens. The was no house by the way. It was just a garden. And when I say garden, I mean, GARDEN. I think the lady said there were about 10 acres to see... I am not a gardenperson, but it was so lovely out there, even I enjoyed it...

After that it was only two pm and the campsite is too hot as there is not much shade. So we decided we'd visit another house. Again The National Trust guide came along. We picked The Vyne. Mum and dad had been there, but we just went again. It was a nice house, very dark though. And normally those houses have enourmous libraries. But this one had just a small one. Unfortunatly. It was nice though. Old houses tend to be cool, as was this one. So we've had a lovely day!

We decided we wanted to go for a pint at the pub. Well, dad and mum at least. I just wanted sparkling water. :D
So we looked and looked but didn't find a pub with some people around. And that is not easy to do in England, as pubs are everywhere. Eventually, we went to a pub called the wellington Arms. We've been there last year and it was a lovely place to be. We had a pint, and were hungry. So dad asked us if we would like to have a barmeal! Yay! So we had dinner at the pub! I had fishcakes :D

Now we're back at the campsite, enjoying the weather and sitting outside. Today was a.very good day. It might be the best day since we came here... We have now been here for seven days and I love it. England is not letting me down.

Tomorrow, my last full day with my family... I am going to miss them, sweet people. But I am also going to do what I have dreamed off for a long time. That makes this a little less scary. Tomorrow is also the day we go to the Queens home, and for some reason I can't think of the name... You'll see tomorrow :D



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