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Monday, 15 July 2013

Hot cars, books and Tesco

Dear all,

Another day has gone by on my trip to England. Today was shopping day! We decided last night we wanted to visit Cambridge. Again. Yes, I have been there before and yes I loved it. Cambridge was the first real university city I went to in England (apart from London). I decided back then, I want to study in England! Now I still want to, but I can't afford it so I will start in Holland and maybe try to do a master in an Englishspeaking country. Yes people, I would love to leave the Netherlands and live in a different country!

Back to Cambridge! We did not go to the colleges, as we've done that two years ago. So we went shopping! And yes, of course, I bought another book... So now I have bought 4 books in the three full days we've been here. This is really bad. If I'd buy a book every day of this holiday... Well, let's not go there, I wouldn't have enough space in my bag(s). Although.. There is the option of sending the books home in a big box, the only question is, how much money would that cost me? Never mind.

Back to Cambridge, again! So we went shopping, which is always fun in England. First of all, you have all those charityshops where they sell secondhand books, YAY! I love those shops, and I am helping people all around the world. I wonder how that works, I sometimes buy a book there for like, 0,50p, maybe one pound? It's nothing! How to they make money from that? Oh, just realised, they might give the complete amount or at least a percentage to the charity.

So, Cambridge by car is not a lot of fun, parking and fees and stuff. So we took a park and ride bus. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's just a parking place where you can park your car for free. You buy a ticket to get on the bus and there you go! The bus ride never takes long and a lot of big Citys have this. It saves you money and time! Brilliant! Besides, the car was so hot(it was almost 30 degrees here), it wasn't to much fun to be in it. Except with the windows down, looking out the window, seeing the gorgeous landscape, that was good!

I wanted to try and find a dress. Not sure writing about this is a good idea because my friends and family read this... And if you know me, you know I NEVER wear dresses. And skirts only if I really have to. I have worn a dress and skirt during a project I did. We'd "play" the european Parliament. But that's a different story.
So my sister and I went looking for a dress. I find it funny how different English fasion is to what Dutch people wear. I do like English fasion though, it's fun. So looking for the dress, I tried a couple on. My sister is like my hero when we go shopping. She knows what I want and where to find it. But today we had no luck... :(

I bought tea though! I adore tea, the soft teas like peppermint and Green tea, stuff like that. So I went into Whittard, and bought two boxes of tea. You should check it out if you are in England, or their website, the link can be found by clicking on Whittard.

After the shopping we went to Tesco, a big supermarket. I like to go there, mainly because they sell books.... And some other cool stuff. Like food. ;-) I don't know what the supermarkets in your countries are like, but ours have only food. No clothes or something. The french supermarkets and also the English do have all of that. I wonder why the way we shop is so different... I do think English and French supermarkets are more fun for me because I am not used to them. That might explain it...

Tomorrow we won't be going out I think, so tomorrows post will be slighlty different. Maybe something which has something to do with camping.. I am not sure yet, you'll see!



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