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Monday, 29 July 2013

Skypin' away

Dear all,

I actually have been very lazy... I really only went to school today... I did go shopping, but just for some food.

I went to the parc today, with Patrick, again. It started to rain, but it inly took like 1 minute before it stopped again. We had an umbrella though, well Patrick had one, and I happily used it, or we did actually.

The skills was okay, had one new girl come in from Italy. She is 20 so I am still the youngest :S. It is very anoying actually, everyone is older and they really go crazy when I tell them I am 17 years old. It's silly.

Cat has arrived again!

This is going to be a short and boring blog. I didn't do much today so there is really nothing to tell you about... I did have Icecream, again.... I am such a bad person... ;-) Well, my aunt and I are partners in icecrime... We have a bad influence on eachother.

Tomorrow... Going to the parc again, trying to find tickets to the globe and that's it!