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Monday, 6 January 2014

Back to school!

Hi there!

Schooldays are soooo long after a two week holiday. The best thing is catching up with your friends though. Most of them were on holiday during the holiday (makes no sense huh? ;-)). I worked so much that I had barely no time or energy to catch up with them during the holiday so we had a lot of catching up to do.

This morning, I woke up at seven and I was so not happy. I really don't think I am in a bad mood in the morning most days, but today... But, I didn't have to leave my bed until half past eight so by the time it was time to get up, I was happy. Plus, the idea of seeing everyone again always makes me happy. I have to admit, once I had seen everyone I wanted to go home.. Badly.

For some reason, it feels like autumn outside. It's supposed to be winter, but this is nothing like winter. There is no cold or snow, just rain sometimes. Weird.. Even more strange is our freezing school. In some of the classrooms, you might as well wear your coat because it feels colder than it is outside. You'd think it's because of the heating being off for to weeks, but it's like this all winter.

I had a meeting today! I was invited by the committee for highly-gifted people at school to talk about how we can make our school a better place for highly-gifted people. I enjoyed spending time with all the others that were there and apart from that, I think it is amazing that they are really trying to help everyone. I was surprised that actually happened. It would be awesome if teachers actually knew what you were talking about and know how to help students that are bored and need a bit more guidance and challenge.

I tried something new today! My mum bought a pilates movie-thing.We tried it together and it was a lot of fun to sport with mum. I really enjoy doing that together with mum. I am not sure whether it really works for me. Don't worry, I will definitely start running again to make one of the goals of the Challenge but I enjoy doing different things too...


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