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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pizza, Icecream and great company (18-01-2014)

Hi there,

First of all, we broke the 3000 viewerspoint! Very cool! My test week is done! Time for some celebration.

I decided I will post about the day before, instead of posting on the same day as I am. Sometimes it's really hard to do that, so from now on when you read something about Tuesday, it will be written on Wednesday. I will add the date to the title so you can see which day I am talking about.

Friday I completed my last two tests and I have now finished 9 tests in 5 days. It wasn't easy but I did my best. I was really nervous about my maths exam, because I am not good at that but it went sort of okay. I certainly didn't answer everything but I did answer a lot, hopefully it will be enough. Don't count on it though, I'll just have to wait and see I guess. Trying not to get my hopes up.

I have finally finished my letter of motivation, my family is currently reading it so they can tell me whether I need to change anything. I finally found a way to make it an actual letter instead of bits and pieces. It took me a very long time though because I wanted it to be good enough.

Tonight I went out for dinner with 8 of my co-workers. One of us is leaving, he is moving to Austria for 6 months to do an internship. We wanted to have a nice little goodbye and also just have fun. We went to an Italian restaurant in Breda and had a blast. I ate pizza Hawaii and for desert I shared lemon ice cream with one of the girls. It was a lovely night and a nice way to see each other outside of work. We did however talk about work... It's sad, but we were discussing how we could improve the company. We were joking, should have invited the boss! One of the boys who was there is the son of the boss, so we sort of had replacement. :D Eventually it was time to say goodbye to the Austria guy as we like to call him, sad to see him go, it was always fun.


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