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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Dear all,

Brussels is such a lovely city! Today there was a Christmas market taking place, it was so cool!

As I told you yesterday, I was supposed to go to Brussels with school, so in the morning I woke up and went to school at 25 past 7. My mum was very kind and drove me to school which meant I could sleep a little bit longer. It was very much appreciated!

Having arrived in Brussels rather late because of really bad traffic jams, we only had one hour to stroll around and have some lunch. We walked around the little Christmas market and danced to the Christmas music. It was so much fun! My friends and I had a lovely lunch at some kind of organic café where they sold mint sparkling SPA. It was soooo goodd!!!! I love anything Minty, so this was certainly a treat for me. Such a pity we don't have that in the Netherlands! Or at least I think we don't... 

This lovely gigantic Christmas tree was on the marketplace we met up with the rest of our group. We took a picture with all the people and the teacher from our year. It's a funny group, but they are fun to hang around with! 

In the afternoon we went to the Parliament, two friends of mine and I were done rather early with the tour we went on (you went around at your own speed using Ipods as your device) because we had already been. We ended up in the café where we bought some lovely Chocolate! To be honest, I am not a Chocolate person, I don't like dark at all, but this one(picture) was just delicious! 

When we were done in and around the parliament and had an interesting chat with a member of the EP, it was time to get some "belgische patatten" (Belgian Chips). They were very tasty! Their mayonnaise it kind of sour though. It's good but just nothing like what we have over here. 

Time for bed! 


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