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Friday, 6 December 2013

Fridays are good!

Dear all,
I really enjoyed my day off today! Friends, pancakes and dad-primetime. I mean, does it get better?
I woke up at 8am. I was so scared I had woken up to late to go to school! Once I realized I had a day off I felt back a sleep for another 30mintes. Untill 9:30 I stayed in bed, being lazy...

I was home alone today so Evi came over to have lunch. We decided to make pancakes which was a brilliant idea. We had a blast. After our lovely lunch we chatted for a while untill Evi had to go.

We cycled to town together as she had to meet up with a friend and I needed to do some shopping. Once that was done I went home to study... Not that much fun but it had to be done I guess.

In the evening my dad came home. By the time he arrived I had already made macaroni with cheese and ham. Delicious! I made a pasta without a recepie! I am starting to get the hang of cooking!

We ended the day with the movie the proposal. Great movie! I love Sandra Bullock! Her sense of humor is just magnificent.

Tomorrow is movieday with Evi and her friend Suzanne. The hunger games part 2! I am looking forward to it!


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