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Friday, 27 December 2013

Hello very first coffee machine!

Hi there!

Yesterday I got my very first coffee machine from my aunt and uncle, today I used it! Mum and I went shopping and I worked on my motivation letter for University.

Before the fun stuff started, I had to go to work... I had to work my butt of until 12, but, it was fun! My bosses are nice guys and I love my job, but during Christmas time, it's kind of crazy... It's still fun though.

As I said, after work the fun started. My mum and I went to Breda to go shopping. I wanted a new pair of jeans, she wanted a black blazer. Unfortunately, we found neither. However, I did find an amazing cardigan to add to my extensive collection of cardigans. I have wanted a long cardigan for a long time now, and I finally found one in a print I love. It's a knit. Happy me!
I took mum out for a cup of coffee with, in her case a brownie, and in my case a piece of cheesecake. We went to Bagels&Beans which is my favorite cafe. I think it has come up in this blog quite a bit...
After all our shopping, we went to the grocery store to buy me some coffeepads for my machine! HURRAAYYY! I am going to use the machine when I move out, but I couldn't resist so I decided to try it. It is fun to make your own coffee from your own machine. :D

To end the day, I tried to write my motivation letter for University, but it is hard to do that... I know why I want to get accepted, but to put that into words...


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