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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Dear all,

Guess what I did today? I went to work, worked on my big school project and I saw an awesome movie!

Every saturday when I wake up at 7am, I think to myself: "Why am I doing this again?". But then I remember and I give myself 2 minutes to leave my bed. It's not just the fact that I make money, it's also the fact that I get to have a job with awesome people and a great workplace. Sometimes I hate it, but whenever I am there my coworkers usually cheer my up. They are pretty much what makes it fun. I never saw work as a fun thing until I started to get to know all the others and saw my own money. Working is sometimes the hardest thing considering I do it next to my full time job called school, but it's also a part of my social life. Looking back at before I had a job, my social life has improved. Maybe working is more than just money, it's also a way of meeting things. And the only way to keep working is to go to school, so I can become what I want to become. Don't ask me what that is, I honestly have no clue. I can see the road, but the road doesn't have an end (yet).

Enough with the sentimental stuff!

Evi came for lunch as I was home alone again. I felt like having some great company so I just invited her to help me finish yesterdays pancakes. We enjoyed them very much!

After Evi had left it was time for my schoolstuff. A lot needs to be done so I worked very hard on it and even got some things done. My partner and I keep discussing how we will do things which is great. I didn't expect us to work as well as we do. He is the calm one who always thinks it will be fine. I am the stressed one who freaks out. Basically what happens is: I push him to do more, he helps me to let go sometimes. I think he is better than I am. His writing is so much better, I write to much like I am speaking. Even in this blog, I have had comments of people saying it's almost as if though I am speaking to them. I have asked myself whether I should change that but I always think, no, this is my blog about my life. It's like I am telling you my life. It's my diary, my online diary. In ten years I want to be able to read it and say: LOOK! this is what I have done and how I thought back then. So yes, it may sound like a conversation, but maybe that is what I want it to be.

The movie. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, what a great movie. I have seen quite some movies where the base was a book but then in the movie they changed it. They didn't do that a lot in this movie. The end was the same, that's always good. I loved the special effects and the actors. In a way, they take you into the arena and make you feel just as scared and nervous as they are. In some ways they didn't. I sometimes felt like I was one of the bad guys, enjoying their fight for their lives. It almost made me feel bad.

Gosh, I am being very sentimental. Or philosophical whatever you want to call it. I am sorry, it's just one of those days I guess...


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