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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! I hope you are having or have had a lovely Christmas!

Mine was spent on the beach in Zeeland. I adore the beach in the winter and autumn. So, I convinced mum and dad to tag along and off we went! Well, convinced.. My mum was just as excited as I was. My sister however really didn't want to go, but eventually she decided to come aswell. We had an absolute blast.
I ran around like I was a little girl, playing with the waves trying not to get my feet wet... I felt like I was 5. I came across an old lady, who smiled at my sillyness with such joy. It was kind of sweet actually. Funny people. And the dogs, running, I loved it. I really wish we had a dog..

Before we went to the beach, we had a nice breakfast with the four of us, eating way to much bread and lots of tea!

I have to admit, I am bot very fond of Christmas. I mean, while we were eating our dinner in the evening, my parents and sister were already discussing how they were going to prepare the food for the next day.... During Breakfast they were also discussing food. I hate that. Can't we just... Not talk about food and enjoy what's on the table? Am I the only one where that happends around Christmas and New Years Eve? They love it, I don't. That's probably why it annoys me so much...

Anyway. It was a nice Christmas on the beach! With a nice dinner. And Burning Santa Candles!

Special thanks to Mum for the beautiful picture of me on the beach



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