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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Market Aachen

Good evening!

I guess I am supposed to apologize as I haven't posted anything for over a week. I took a little break of blogging because I had so much to do and finish for school, I didn't want to blog aswell, plus it would be very boring. But I am back, and I went to Aachen today!

As I said, on the planning today was Aachen. They have this massive Christmas Market there where they sell food, and an awfull lot of usefull, and not very usefull Christmas stuff. From hats to slippers, from eggnog to potato pancakes, from Christmas decorations to birdfood. Basically anything which comes to mind when you think about Christmas. I did by something, this lovely ball made of Star Anise. It is in my room right now and it smells amazing! I am not really a Christmas person, in The Netherlands you don't celebrate Christmas like they do in England or in America. To me, it means nothing but eating way to much food. I don't really hate it, but I certainly don't love it.

The market consisted of several bits where little wooden stalls were placed. The main area was gigantic and very crowded. I hated that, but then again, it was worth it. The picture on the left shows a small part of the Market from above. As you can see, every little stall was decorated with Christmas lights which gave it a cosy and fun feeling. The weather was not as lovely, instead of snow, there was rain. It wasn't cold, just very very wet.

Before we found the main part of the Market, we wanted to have some "Kafee mit Kuchen" which is German for Coffee with pie. My sister has a friend who lives in Aachen so she asked where we could go for a nice piece of pie. She had been at the place we went at with her friend, and she definatly picked a great place. It was very cosy, with three levels where you could sit. The building was old, it had those wooden beams sticking out from the roof. I loved it! I decided to have a chocolate with caramel crust pie and a hot chocolate. The pie was lovely, but I didn't like the very strong chocolate taste. It was a bit to heavy for me. Funny thing, I am not very fond of chocolate. I love white chocolate, but dark is really not my thing.

We ended the day at McDonalds... Very NOT Christmassy, but still kind of nice. We rarely go there, so when we go I feel like a kid on Christmas. I secretly like Christmas.

My room smells so good!!! The little ball is on my desk next to me, and it feels like a lovely winter evening, eventhough it's raining outside.

Sorry about the lack of posts, I will be posting one about my Christmas Dance at school. I am waiting for some pictures, but as soon as I have them, I will post them!



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