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Monday, 2 December 2013


Dear all,

I suppose you have all noticed it. I have been blogging less and the posts have been short. Why? Well, because I have been very very very busy. There is so much that needs to be done for school...

This week I have some fun stuff coming up. Tomorrow I'll be taking a trip to Brussels with one of my classes to go to the European Parliament. I am actually meeting a politician which should be very interesting. Also, we will have some spare time in Brussels which is awesome because Brussels is just a beautiful city! I have already been to the European Parliament two years ago and it was interesting but not interesting enough to go again but I couldn't not go. Plus, maybe meeting the politician will be fun! We'll see!

Thursday we get to celebrate Sinterklaas which I am looking forward to! I think I will write my poems on the bus tomorrow or at least start writing them!

Friday we have no school!!!! YAYAYAY! Evi is coming over for lunch, we might make something fancy I am not sure yet. It'll be just the two of us though, my parents and sister are doing other things. In the evening we want to go see a movie, the second one in the hunger games series. I am excited for that aswell!

I went for a run today and it felt so good! It's awesome to work hard and then take a break.


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