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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tea obsession

Dear all,

I think it's safe to say I have a tea obsession. I have been studying all afternoon and I think I had at least 6 cups of tea, if not more...

Today we finished school early, class was only until 12 o'clock after which everyone got to leave. I think the teachers had meetings in the afternoon, I am not sure though. They had planned that afternoon really well, because tomorrow the final years have their resit of one of the exams from the last testweek. You get to choose which subject you want to resit. I decided it would be math so my week has been nothing but math... But after tomorrow that'll be done. FINALLY! I still have to keep the math going, I am not done until may with my math... (I graduate in June if I pass my exams)

My tutor at school wants to have these chats with her students every semester, and today it happened to me my turn which was okay but it always feels so useless. She asked me every test-result from the test week... I get that she wants to know what I am up to, but the results are online and she has access to them. There is no point in asking about every single one of them. I ended up talking to her for half an hour, she kept asking me stuff. I don't mind but it does always feel sort of boring. I also think she thinks I am crazy because I have so many subjects... Still, I am doing quite well, so there is nothing to complain about!

During my singing class we started working on Let her Go, by passenger but we are using the style Birdy gave to it in her cover (it's in the musicroom). I am singing the second voice which is hard but definitely a lot of fun to do. 

Right, that's it, please all hope I do well tomorrow... I am not nervous (yet) but I just feel like I really HAVE to do good, otherwise my graduating is at stake and I do not want that.... Ugh, stupid math...



  1. Have you ever tried the tea Teavana? I'm obsessed! Especially with their chai tea, omg.

    Also, I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! It's kinda like a tag and you can check out more over at my blog:

    1. I haven't actually, I haven't heard of it either. I am not sure I can get it in the Netherlands! But I'll try it if I happen to run into it! Thanks for the suggestion!

      Thank you so much for the nomination! That is so sweet of you! I feel honoured!

    2. I just googled the tea stuff, it looks so cool!!! It doesn't say I can get it in the Netherlands, nor Europe! :( I wish I could it looks great!