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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Polish waiters and French pubs

Dear all,

The day was again hot, I think mum said at some point it was 33 degrees. That is seriously hot weather! (did I spell it correct this time, Jan? ;-)) So Bury St. Edmunds today! Lovely town, with cute shops and other fun stuff to see.

So, the tent this morning was again way to hot in the morning. So we left it when it was getting to much of a sauna-like feeling. Luckely the rest woke up to, so we had breakfast in the shaduw and woke up slowly!

After some quick getting prepared to leave we left the campsite. I love sitting in the car and seeing the world passing by. I always feel slightly sad when we get back to the campsite. Although I always want to leave the car as soon as it stops. It can be very very very hot in there. It's funny, when you go to England, you expect to have not the greatest weather. But these past couple of days, we've had weather like we are in the south of France. I wish it was a bit cooler though. Oh well, it's never fine, is it?

Bury st. Edmunds was nice, though it did not have nice secondhand bookshops. I didn't buy any books today! Yay me! I try not to spend all my money on books. Last year I bought about 24 books. I know, that's bad... But it just happens to be my favorite thing to spend money on! And if you search well enough, you'll find something really nice for not to much money. You don't always have to read all the books other are reading too.

I was trying to figure out what to tell you about today and I cannot think of a lot of interesting things to say... We went shopping and went to the supermarket. Bought my parents a pie with my sister(we always do something like that).

Actually, there was a guy busking in Bury st Edmunds! I liked his voice, plus he was playing some of my favorite songs in his own style. That was rather nice! I don't think the others liked it though. But I always respect those singers on the street. I mean, I'd never do it! Way too scary...

Because it was so hot, we wanted to find a pub with a "beer-garden". Finally we found it! But when we sat down in the shade, and saw the menu, we realised it was a french pub! They only sold wine and regular drinks. No Englishbeer... Not that I mind, I don't drink. But my parents do... Anyway we all just wanted a cold, non-alcoholic drink.
The waiter came and he spoke with an accent. Mum thought he was French, but no, he was Polish! And very kind too! :D

That was our day really...

Tomorrow it is moving day! We are moving up closer too London, so when I leave for London, mum and dad will not have to drive me too far to take me there. It's only four days until I go.... I am nervous, but in a good way! I want these last four days to go very fast, but then again, I wish the days would just stop so I could have more time with the rest... I have never been away for longer than a week or so... Aaaah! (I am not a big fan of new things, so this is really scary(and fun))