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Thursday, 5 September 2013

It's been a while

Dear all,

No today's title does not have anything to do with the fact that I didn't blog! Yesterday was exhausting and by the time I was done with all my homework I sort of just fell asleep. I am sorry I didn't blog... Today's title is about different stuff which is very important to me.

Today, the 5th of september it is exactly 6 months ago that my favorite uncle past away. He was diagnosed with cancer and only a couple of days later he passed away. He was the only uncle in my life who had always been a part of my life, something which I cannot say about any of my other uncles(or aunts). He was not the perfect uncle as he would forget stuff like birthdays and make promises he didn't always keep, but he still was amazing to me. He could be absent for a while, because he was very busy, but whenever I needed him he would have all the time in the world and we'd talk for hours. He made me feel as if though I was understood, I don't know if he always did but I certainly felt that way. Plus he was very proud of me, whatever I did. Before he passed away, we talked on the phone for a while, about his sickness and he explained me everything. Eventhough he was the one who needed to be taken care of, he took care of me and made me feel better. He then told me that whatever I did, whether I was sad or mad or whatever because of him, I couldn't let that get in the way of my school stuff. Ironic actually, he wasn't a perfect student... But I did it, and today I had my oral exam in English, and I did it, I did what he asked me to do, I GOT A 10 OUT OF 10!!!! I am so excited!!!!! But I am also upset that it has been 6 months, the time just flies. I still miss him, but I have a feeling that will stay that way forever.

About my English, I got a 10 out of 10, and my parents have this rule that if you get a 10 out of 10, you get a present. It is usually something usefull but small and I have had many teamugs and today I got a thing for honey (taking it out of the jar) and a teadispenser! YAY!! I love recieving those presents, because they remind you of what you did.
I have to say, I actually enjoyed my exam, it was fun to do and my teacher is very kind so I basically had a good time! :D

Tomorrow I have another chanche to recieve a present... Because tomorrow is my idiom exam German! I have been staying up late to study, so I hope it all works out! :)

Today's song!
It's a song I have always loved, and it's a classic song. It is by Simon and Garfunkel and it's called, The sounds of silence.




  1. Congratulations Simone, the trip to England obviously helped you a great deal. Well done! Love Anne XX

    1. Thank you Anne! I think you can deserve some credit for it too, so thank you!