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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

It's still raining...

Dear all,

I wonder if any of you live in a climate where rain is barely seen? Because I live in a climate where rain is your constant companion quite often... I don't mind it when I am studying, or trying to sleep, in fact it helps for some odd reason, but I hate it when I have to cycle... Walking is fine, but cycling in the rain... It's just horrible. 

I cycle a lot, as I go to school by bike everyday, just like most of my classmates. In Holland, it's normal to go to school by bike, I don't think we even have schoolbusses. Not at my school at least.

I spent my whole afternoon downstairs, studying, whilst my mum was sewing. I never study downstairs, so it was kind of cool to do it. I did philosophy, again. This time it was a piece by THomas More called Utopia. It was interesting, but at some point I got bored... I did finish though...

During my singing lessons today we sang "I don't want to live on the moon" which is a kids song, but we use it to learn how to sing polyphonic. We have done it before, with pop songs, and it worked but it was never perfect. So we realized after a while, we started at the middle without a good base and expect ourselves to be good at it all of a sudden, but that doesn't work, so we took a step back and now we are mastering the basics which is so awesome! 

One more thing, I think I told you this, I follow quite some vloggers on youtube, and my favorite ones, are Charles and Alli Trippy (CTFxC). Charles had brain surgery for the second time yesterday, and he is doing fine. The thing is, these guys, they made me realise how much fun it can be to share what you do with people from everywhere across the world. And for some reason, I was worried about Charles and Alli monday and tuesday, and to be honest, I still sort of am.. 

Today's song! 
Let's have something a bit more pop-ish, I am going with Pink, just give me a reason. It's a song I really like, even though it's not what I usually listen to.. 




  1. So awesome that you cycle every day! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. :D Thanks for reading my stories! x Simone